this is how volly drinks

like a 2 day old human baby


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Rin: haru come with me to australia
Haru: ok
*drives to airport*
*goes through boarding process*
*boards plane*
*sits on plane for few hours*
*gets off plane*
*leaves airport*
Haru: oh yeah why r we here
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» Black Hair: Care and Maintenance Resources


Anonymous said: I have a fantasy world and many of my characters are Black. I remember reading a criticism about how non-black writers writing their Black characters going to sleep without twisting their hair or taking care of it wrong. I was wondering if you could direct me of accurate resources about hair care and maintaining and creating hairstyles.

First, learn what hair type your character has, which varies the sort of maintenance and products they need by some, as well as how they’d style their hair. From there, check out some of the styling and hair care resources below.

Hair type



Hair Care

~Mod Colette

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Locations: 3/? - Resembool
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#I’ve spent too long just admiring the animation in those 2 gifs #THE SHADOWS #like when he whips around #light moves with him and the first spot is back to dark #this might seem ‘well duh’ to most but these details are important for quality and realism #and then there’s the gradual change in his expression in the 1st gif #his eyes darken and crinkle and his mouth becomes more tense #very subtle but effective #on another note #what do you think Brohood!Ed would want to tell FMA03!Ed about guns

Kim Possible sounds super weird in English

and my crush on Shego has returned

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envy does like fighting, but only when they have an overwhelming advantage over the opponent. envy just doesn’t like challenges.

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I’m not quite sure what encouraged me to rewatch FMA after years of not really watching it (except for maybe a few of my favorite scenes here and there) but I’ve been completely consumed by it again oOPS.  I was watching it the other day for about nine and a half hours ∑(゚ロ゚〃) S-So I couldn’t resist drawing my favorite boi Ed…

This was actually kind of a challenge at first since I’m still working my way out of the terrible art slump I’ve been in (not being able to draw much recently to try and get out of it didn’t help) but once I got it it was fun and I like how it came out!!  Drawing him really felt nostalgic and it was really fun doing his CoS outfit, especially using the brown palette since it looks good him (∩∀`*)

Well I’ve lost it all, I’m just a silhouette,
I'm a lifeless face that you'll soon forget,

Edward Elric: making my way down town
Edward Elric: walking fast
*sees dad*
Edward Elric: walking faster

whitehairkun replied to your post: one day i’ll stop making my fb account…

It’s like fb the sims

pretty much, yeah

i’ve even made my two envy accounts get into a relationship with each other

that was really fun

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Michiru Oshima
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Show - Fullmetal Alchemist

Song - Kodoku

Artist - Michiru Oshima




Russell and Lori are very important. 

To Rin, who’s lost his father and become distant to his maternal family; there’s nothing more heartwarming than coming back to a country he lived in for a short while and being greeted with open arms.


Russell and Lori treat Rin like their own son and they treat Haru with the same casual, loving and friendly atmosphere. 

What Rin needed the most in his hard, insecure and lonely days in Australia was family and friendship. Lori and Russell instinctively knew that something was wrong with Rin and worried and fussed over him as any other family would do. Despite the hardships of Rin’s limited English.


He wasn’t treat like some kid who turned up from Japan to swim. 


These two wonderful parents are even treating Haru like a beloved family member, asking him how he is and about his life because they know just how important Haru is to Rin. Lori even makes sure to cook food that Haru is familiar with so he doesn’t feel as uncomfortable in this new foreign place. 



Haru has probably never experienced this sort of behavior coming from anyone but the Tachibana family so I think that with Haru being exposed to a family atmosphere is a really crucial part of his development and also, to his happiness. Haruka was in denial of his friendships and about where he stood in the world, with his introduction to Lori and Russell he’s reminded of the close bonds and ties he has to his own friends and family. This is the reason why he’s pulled out of his slump.

TLDR: This is basically just an appreciation post for Rin’s amazing Australian host family.

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